Welcome to the home of Rotary POWER.

Rotary POWER Northwest RX-7 & Rotary Engine Club, aka RPNW, is a nonprofit (mutual benefit) membership corporation headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to provide members with social, educational, trade, and sporting opportunities with respect to rotary engine vehicles in general, and the Mazda RX-7 in particular. Whether you already have a "rotary rocket," of whatever variety, or are interested in buying one, you are more than welcome to join our club.

This web site will help us keep in contact with you, so you won't miss out on any of the fun. We have a full calendar of events this year, which can be viewed chronologically on the Calendar page or by type of event on the Events page. Breaking news, calendar changes, and other current events can be accessed through the News page. Please check this every time you visit the site, particularly prior to scheduled events in which you are to scheduled to participate.

Other features of this site are as follows: You can keep in contact with other members through the Forum. The Resources page will help you find information from both inside and outside the club, including links to other sites. The Gallery will show you cool shots of member rides and a variety of interesting photos from events and other happenings. The Membership page will assist you in joining the club to take advantage of membership perks, such as discounts on event participation, vendor discounts, special mailings, and so forth. The Official page is where you can find information on the Board of Directors, minutes of business meetings, corporate bylaws, and other official information. Contact information, for both the club and its directors, can be cound on the Contact Info page. And interested parties may explore sponsorship opportunities on the Sponsorship page.