Rotary POWER Northwest (RPNW), RX-7 Club
1st Annual Barbecue, Rotary Expo, & Photo Day
Saturday, August 21st, 1999 at Lake Merwin Dam, WA

The Barbecue, Rotary Expo, & Photo Day event was a great success, attracting 24 RX-7s and 30 individuals. The following photos were taken during the event and show just how much fun we had. Until you have seen over 20 RX-7s all lined up, there's no real way to understand what an accomplishment it is. During the Expo portion of the program, every participant got the opportunity to tell the group about their pride-and-joy. Many of the members had never seen a 3rd Gen up close before this event, but got an eye full in just one day -- 3 R-1s (Red, Black, & CYM) and a Montego Blue PEP. There were a few 2nd Gens, including my GTUs, but the 1st Generation RX-7s put up the best show. In fact, the highest mileage 1st Gen, an Ivory '81 with over 200,000 original miles, beat out the rare CYM R-1 for Best of Show. We would like to thank Thomason Mazda and Pineapple Racing for providing the majority of the prizes. Most of all, however, we would like to thank the participants for turning out in force. Even the vehicles most charitably described as "works in progress" were appreciated and welcome at the event. If you couldn't make it this year, for whatever reason, please make a point to get out to the next one. Enjoy. ON TO THE PHOTOS....

Blake Qualley